Sunday, June 7, 2009

I got Mine! From the Apron Swap!

Oh My Gosh!
I think I got the best apron! In fact I am sure I did! This is the custest apron and so much work went into it! I can't get over how cute! I don't want to wear it ....Just hang it on my pantry door as decoration! I just could not believe all the detail in this apron and the tag she made too! Jany included a cute book and a package of sunflower seeds too! This was such a fun trade I really had fun so Thanks to Jany Schindler for the Beautiful Apron and to Lucy and Shawnee for having such a fun trade!

Look how pretty the lacy is on the sides.

And the tag is so cute. What detail!
This was so fun and I hope the person who get mine had just as fun as I did!

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  1. Oh no I dont think you got the best apron cause I did! OH MY GOSH you spoiled me rotton. Not only is it a beautiful awesome apron but the goodies!Wow. I will put pics on my blog tonight or tommorow.THANK YOU!


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