Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finally! Finger Licken Fifteen!

I was at Costco today looking thru the books when s girl passes by me pushing a cart full of books! I squeeled when I saw it the the fifteenth book! I love the series Janet Evanovich writes! I can hardly wait until each book comes out. These are just fun reading. They are all about bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. After you start reading these you will want to read all of them now! You will change your mind over and over again as to who she should be with...Ranger the dark mysterious handsome security expert or the equally as handsome cop Joe. Oh my gosh they are so fun. And she has a crazy Grandmother you just laugh out loud as you read about her. You really should start at the beginning with "One for the Money". So there will be no sewing for me this weekend because I know I won't be able to put down this book.


  1. I never read any of her books. I will have to check them out. Have fun reading.

  2. Love the series - signed, Mrs. Ranger ;)

  3. I love to read and appreciate recommendations for a good author. I'm looking forward to trying this author out. Thank you!


  4. I love her stories and can't wait to read this one. And that Ranger is to die for!!! Of course, Joe's not bad either. Wonder why I could never get men like that?


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