Tuesday, May 5, 2009

YoYo's are the Best Game in Town!

I have become addicted to making yoyos. And with the yoyo makers they are so easy! In the 1930's Retro Club at Material Girls we make yoyo's to trade each month. And thats how I got started. We use the orange yoyo maker. These have been so fun to make each month, but I discovered this week, the large yellow yoyo maker. You can use "Charm Packs" to make these. The ones above are from a "Charm Pack" and that makes it so easy! No cutting ahead of time! This is the beginning of a table cloth I am so excited to get this done! This is just like a game. After I got 80 yoyo's done we all sat around the table trying different ways to put them together.

Do any of you use the Electric Quilt program? This quilt is one I did using EQ. It was so fun I have done several more. The only problem is I have designed more than I have made. I would love to see some you have done.

I thought I would finish today by sharing a few special things in my sewing room. This bear sits in a basket in my sewing room on top of "Fat Quarters'. My Daughter Bethany gave her to me and she also decorated the basket (below) with buttons and the Bear with a spool for my sewing room. I think she did a great job. Teddy Bears and quilts just go together.
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  1. A yoyo tablecloth is in my future. I saw one on a movie and thought it was so pretty and vintage. I live in a 100+yr old house, so it would go very well with my decor. Please keep us informed as to the method to put them together that works best for you. I need to get that yoyo maker...I have some of the smaller ones heart and flower shape, but not the bigger ones. WHich do you reccomend? The large or extralarge?

  2. I'm new to quilting. I don't know what an EQ is. I've just finished blocks in my quilting class. I have the sashing and boarder to do. I'm going to hand quilt them. I've found a new love.

  3. Hello
    Just dropped by
    I liked your blog and your work is lovely


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