Friday, April 3, 2009

Dress Forms and Quilts!

I love dress forms and so when I found this pattern I was so excited! This was an easy pattern and fun to make. I thought it would be fun in a little girls room done in different pinks. In my house going up the stairs there is a nook built into the wall. This is a great place for a quilt. I used to change it every season but it got to be to much work. I have dress forms all over my but I love this display. Below is one of my favorite forms.

This dress form reminds me of a nice summer day. Right now we could use a warm day! Quilt displays are so much more fun when it goes with something you love and collect. I saw a quilt once a woman who collect tea cups had done. It hung on a shelf that had different tea cups on top. I thought this was so cute. So when I found this pattern I was really excited.


  1. Love the dress quilt and your dress forms are wonderful. Also, love your pincushions. My most favourite is the teacup one. :)

  2. What a cute sewing room. I have a half of a downstairs room. I share it with my granddaughter who lives with us - her toys on one side, my sewing machine and "stuff" on the other. I love the stuff your husband made, too. Not homemadey looking at all. Take care, Linda

  3. We have something in common, I love dress forms and just ordered more dress form fabric. I'm making pillows and a quilt for the sewing room. Your dress form quilt is cute as it can be.
    Keep Stitchen'

  4. Thanks for commenting on our give-a-way... at also on ...
    I just want to tell you, I love the quilt, but I am crazy about your dress form... I have an old old ratty one that my sister-in-law found in the trash, that sits (dressed in an old white dress) in my back hall.. But your dress form belongs visible to all. Beautiful!!!
    God Bless (the new baby too).


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