Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shabby Rose Giveaway!

You have to go to She is having a give away and it is worth stopping by! This site is so cute. You will want to go back over and over! You can do her BOM also and they are so darling! I have been so glad I found this site!

Monday, April 27, 2009

What's New?

This is the latest block we are working on in the "1930's Retro Club". Isn't this the cutest block! I can't wait to get mine done. The club meets once a month and it is held at "Material girls". We are working on Lori Holt's Apron quilt and it is so fun. I think I have done almost all of lori's BOM but this one, so its been fun. I didn't say I have finished them all....don't tell Lori...But I really enjoy what ever she comes up with. I did hear the next one Lori is doing at Material Girls is going to be paper dolls! I know I will have to do it too! You have got to check out Nadine's blog and Lori's too
I love finding fun blogs to follow!

I took the leaf out of my table and it had been so long I don't have any table cloths that fit. So I improvised! Besides I love using my quilts as a table cloth. I just have to remember to remove it at dinner. I have had a few ruined when I left them on. We are in the process of repainting my kitchen so the blue is going away. I always seem to get ahead of the game...So the blue will be a golden yellow soon.

Here is another dress form i thought I would share. I love these! But they sure don't photograph well. I have these "Everywhere" as my husband so nicely puts it. LOL

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If you’re like me and didn’t know… Amy of Park City Girl is hosting a Blogger’s Quilt Festival. A virtual one. Doesn't that sound so fun!
This is the quilt I decide to share. I made this for a fund raiser for a friend that was hit by a car. I hope you can tell its hats. This was the best picture I had. I just loved making this quilt!Sometimes we do our best work when we are going to give it away. I keep saying I am going to do another one because it was so much fun to make...but i haven't...I will sooner than later... I hope you decide to join and share in the fun.
Keep quilting!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

HELP! I Can't Stop Blogging!

I went to start a new quilt and passed by my computer.....and now I am surfing blogs and decide to post. I am going to go work on that quilt .....but have you noticed you just sit for a minute to look at a FEW blogs and hours go by!! I can't believe it! But there are so many great quilting blogs. And recipe blogs! I just get carried away. So instead of pictures of my new quilt I am going to share another dress form and one of my favorite pictures in my room. Tommorrow I will start the new quilt....or maybe i will finish the purse one from Buggy Barn. Or......

Happy blogging (or quilting),

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Special Thimbles!

Can you believe these are thimbles! My friend Robert went to Europe and brought these back for me! I think they are the cutest ones I have in my collection. And he brought them all the way from Brussels. I was so excited about them I had to show you. I really felt lucky to get these. Thanks again Robert! I have really liked collecting thimbles and when my friends travel its an easy small gift to bring back for me. It is so much fun adding them to my collection. And thinking of the person that gave me such a wonderful prise.
What do you collect?

Leave a comment and tell me about your collection. I would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Warm Snuggle!

I finally finished quilting this quilt. I think it looks so good on this couch. I made this with a jelly roll and fat quarters. It was fun to put together but it took me longer to get it quilted than it did to make it. I love having a quilt to lay under when you are watching TV or just taking a nap. Just reminds me of a warm snuggle. I have a quilt rack by the couch in our TV room so there are always enough warm snuggles for my grand kids when they watch TV.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dress Forms and Quilts!

I love dress forms and so when I found this pattern I was so excited! This was an easy pattern and fun to make. I thought it would be fun in a little girls room done in different pinks. In my house going up the stairs there is a nook built into the wall. This is a great place for a quilt. I used to change it every season but it got to be to much work. I have dress forms all over my but I love this display. Below is one of my favorite forms.

This dress form reminds me of a nice summer day. Right now we could use a warm day! Quilt displays are so much more fun when it goes with something you love and collect. I saw a quilt once a woman who collect tea cups had done. It hung on a shelf that had different tea cups on top. I thought this was so cute. So when I found this pattern I was really excited.

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