Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to my Sewing Room!


Where do I go to create so many quilt tops? Well let me show you!
This is my sewing room...I love my sewing room. My husband made it for me (and I won't say how long it took him ) but I will say it was worth the wait! I remember when he first got it done and I thought I would never be able to fill it....
hahahaha was I wrong!
I was so lucky to find a fabric for my cutting/ironing table that matched the bottom wall paper!And all the cupboards help for storing all the "have to have" fabric. You can never have to much.

My rocker is a great place to just sit and read quilting books or watch CSI!! Or do both.
It so comfortable I have even feel asleep there plenty of times.

This doll sits in a wreath on the wall and I love the wreath ....I am the only one who likes it.
Oh well it is my sewing room.

My husband made this cute cupboard to go with my sewing table (he made it too)
It has been so fun finding things to go it it.

This is my sewing table. Before I had a sewing room it served as our kitchen table. And sewing with my featherweight is always a treat. I am looking for 1 more base for my husband to make a cutting table on.
Now you can see the part that looks the messiest. But I swear it is organized.

And finally here is the quilt I am working on now. It is for my nephew's baby that is due any day. I guess I better hurry since it still needs to be quilted.


  1. Wow, your sewing room is fabulous.

    Will be approving your listing for the Quilting Bloggers directory in a week or so (blogs need to be two weeks or so old).

    Quilting Gallery


  3. Lucky Girl .. don't lose him!!
    I have the base for an old treadle machine but there it has sat in the basement for 35 years.. unused.
    hugs, Carol

  4. Absolutely amazing, what a fun place to work in. Loved all the pin cushions!!, Barbara


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